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Wall construction amid storm season sparks fears of compromising flood barrier

As Scott Nicol drove along the levee in the vicinity where contractors are building border fencing near Donna and Progreso Lakes, he saw workers excavating the river-facing side of the levee as they prepared to install new sections of wall. Nicol, a longtime opponent of the border wall and Sierra Club member, then doubled back up Military Highway toward the city of Hidalgo where he saw more of the same. “You could see even from the road the big piles of loose dirt and a carved chunk of the levee,” Nicol said of what he observed on this day in mid-May. The sight reminded Nicol of efforts to build border fencing near Granjeño in 2008. Read the full story at themonitor.com.

Weather Service advises community to prepare for hurricane season

The National Weather Service invites the community to be ready for hurricane season as part of the “Hurricane Preparedness Week,” which ends on Saturday. The...