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We must stop industrialization

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Posted: Wednesday, January 13, 2016 5:48 pm


Although the Industrial Revolution has been viewed as one of the most influential economic events to occur in the history of modern society, it had an impact on the people and the environment.

People might agree that industrialization was one of the smartest prosperous thing to do. Indeed, industrialization had its positive effects like creating jobs, mass production of products and revenue, but it had drawbacks as well. The invention of new machinery helped people perform tasks more efficiently and faster, which led to the decrease of many jobs for people. Working in the factories was a deadly and hazardous job for people.

The biggest drawbacks for industrialization is that it is killing our environment.

Before the Industrial Revolution, the products that were produced by people were all handmade, which meant they had to be constructed individually. This meant that the production of a product took a greater amount of time and that the individuals who made them had to be specifically trained to master that skill. With the advent of new, more efficient technology, workers were able to easily accomplish tasks that would have taken them a much longer time to complete before the start of the Industrial Revolution.

However, there were some serious negative side effects. New technology made the job a lot faster and made twice as many products that two hands could do. The jobs of those two hands vanished.

Human beings were submissive and slower than the machines. Factories did not need 1,000 people to work on the same thing. They just needed one person well educated and trained with the skill of operating the machine. Jobs reduced 50 percent due to the new machinery and technological advances, according to the economics blog Apecsec. Industrialization took away many jobs from people and completely changed the lifestyle of many people.

With such new practices and ideas put into the workplace, many workers were expected to be as efficient as the new ways of producing a product or service, and as a result their health and safety were often overlooked but not all the time. Safety and health of workers was scarce when working.

During the industrial period, jobs were exhausting, unsafe and hazardous. It caused long working hours, bad working conditions that caused illness and death. For example, there were cases in which factory workers got caught by uncovered machinery, which resulted in injury or death.

Furthermore, the dust and fumes from chemical factories harmed a person’s health. For instance, child labor had bad aspects and little to no positive aspects. Some of the bad effects were that children became weak and sick; they were paid low wages. They were only paid one shilling “compared to the 10-15 shillings that men make,” according to Studymode.com. Small children worked 13-hour days and were beaten if they worked too slow or were too late.

This led to changed roles for women. Women spent long hours away from their children. They worked in hazardous conditions, which led to deformity of the chest and ribs. They were at risk of being crippled or getting a disease.

Poor conditions in coal mines was a negative effect of the Industrial Revolution because conditions were horrible. People had to work half-naked, risk lung disease, suffocation, drowning, cave-ins and explosions.

Urbanization led to many bad effects, one of them being the unsafe and deadly job a human being could have.

Last but not least, industrialization is deadly to our environment. Industrialization comes with pollution. Pollution causes the most destruction of all. Industrialization causes pollution due to the thousands of factories, automobiles and aircrafts built. All of this produces unthinkable air pollution to cities around the world.

Air pollution causes the greenhouse effect. All that carbon monoxide and dioxide stays inside the earth’s ozone layer. The gases act as a curtain blocking the sun’s sunlight that cause the plant’s not to receive as much sunlight.

Another effect is that those warm gases stay in earth instead of exiting, causing global warming.

Global warming is becoming a serious and more concerning problem. Recent studies show that the south and north poles are melting and that Earth has become 10 percent warmer.

Deforestation is another problem. Industrialization is destroying our rainforests by cutting down trees. This causes animals to lose their natural habitat and makes them move near to humans, which causes even more problems.

Industrialization could cause extinctions for some animals. Oceans and coral reefs are being contaminated by the many oil spills. In the past three years there have been more than 500 oil spills. Oil spills kill the marine environment, causing the oceans all over the world to get polluted.

Chemicals and wastes that are not properly disposed cause water and land pollution. Companies should be fined for doing this. The condition of the environment is at stake because of the industrialization.

Deliberation about this subject never dies. The effect of Industrial Revolution changed the course of the planet and the life of everyone. It is still changing it. Although it might have had positive effects, it certainly had negative effects that will lead to the future as it is doing to us.

The Industrial Revolution made people lose their jobs, made people work in perilous and treacherous places, and it is eradicating and exterminating not only our environment but us slowly. Industrialization has to stop in order for the human race to prevail and last a few thousands years more rather than just killing ourselves slowly.

Ernesto Aguirre


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