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Irresponsible manipulation

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Posted: Sunday, May 12, 2019 11:27 pm


There has to a be a Waterloo coming for President Trump. Sabotaging the independence and credibility of the Federal Reserve is about the most reckless thing a president can do (short of launching a nuclear war).

Trump essentially wants the Fed to help him win his 2020 re-election by giving the economy a dangerous sugar high. His demand puts the long-term economic health of the country at risk. But even more importantly, what kind of future will this country have when something as important as monetary policy is manipulated, at will, to boost the popularity of whoever controls the White House?

Trump’s demands to cut interest rates has the potential to damage the institutional credibility and independence of the Federal Reserve. This is probably the most dangerous thing that Trump has proposed. No economist out there would tell you otherwise. Economic conservatives know this is irresponsible.

You do not politicize the Fed. Markets must have confidence that competent authorities are there to manage economic policy and deal with financial crises. The Federal Reserve’s mandate for setting interest rates is to maintain high employment and keep inflation at moderate levels. The Federal Reserve’s mandate is not to fuel already-strong growth, which is what Trump is demanding.

There were three very dangerous political ploys being undertaken by Trump: (1) nominate Stephen Moore to the Federal Reserve Board. Moore is not an economist. He’s a proven political hack whom every respectable economist views as at best incompetent, and at worst, a fraud; (2) nominate to the Fed another exceedingly partisan hack, the inimitable Herman Cain. Mr. Cain is even more unfit and clueless about central banking policy than Stephen Moore, and Donald Trump for that matter; and (3) demand that, once on the Fed board, they would vote to cut interest rates to juice the economy so Trump will look good in 2020.

Fortunately, both have withdrawn their nominations.

So, what were the implications of having these two unqualified individuals on the Federal Reserve Board? It would have meant that Moore and Cain would kowtow to whatever Trump told them to support, which in essence means that Trump would be sitting on the board of the Federal Reserve. To allow any president access and influence on the Federal Reserve is inviting disaster.

As Americans, we should be horrified and outraged. The Federal Reserve has historically been a nonpartisan entity whose decisions are driven by the economic health of the country rather than political considerations of any administration.

So it’s not surprising that we can always count on Donald Trump to do what he feels is best for his own electoral prospects, regardless of facts, science, economic theory, or to the detriment of every American citizen.

Letty Martinez-Roerig


Criminal enterprise


Bill Barr went before Congress and it was not a very productive encounter; the part I saw was rather disappointing.

Why are the Democrats so nice? The Democrats on the Appropriations committee had Attorney General Barr before them and with the exception of Congresswoman Nita Lowey, their questions and their demeanor were very bland and lightweight when it came to asking the hard questions. Three times Barr was asked if he shared the “cover up” four-page letter that he wrote with the White House. The first time he said, “no.” The second time he said, “I did not talk to anybody,” and finally the third time

he said, “Well, yes, I did read it to the president’s lawyer.” In other words, yes, he shared it with the White House!

So now as the Barr coverup continues, the sham continues. Remember that Barr is an old hand at covering up and protecting Republican presidents. He covered up the crimes of Iraqgate, the selling of weapons of mass destruction to Saddam Hussein, by George H.W. Bush, which was illegal and was later used as the justification for the illegal Iraqi War in 2003.

Bill Barr also covered up Iran Contra by pardoning Elliott Abrams, Ollie North, Caspar Weinberger and a couple of other people.

Bill Barr was and is nothing more than a clean-up man; he has become the official “pooper scooper” of several Republican scandals of the last 30 to 40 years. William Safire called him the “cover up general,” this is his specialty.

So Mr. Pooper Scooper Barr continues his evil work with this lawless president in the White House and a lawless Republican Party.

The coup of the Republican Party is now complete. It has been taken over by a man who has spent his entire life as a grifter, a con artist and a criminal. A man who settled with a plea deal with the court when he was forced to pay $25 million for his Trump University scam.

Trump had involvement in 3,500 plus lawsuits at the time of his election, an unprecedented volume for a presidential nominee.

Ladies and gentlemen, we now have a criminal in the White House and now he is advising other people to break the law. Trump told some Border Patrol agents a few weeks ago to just ignore the judges. This is a crime! Encouraging other people to commit crimes or ignore the law is a crime. If Bill Clinton or Barack Obama had done that they would have been impeached in a New York Minute.

Is the Trump lawless criminal coup complete on the Republican side now? Well, let’s see: Jeff Flake, Bob Corker and others were pushed out. These guys were not willing to go along with this Trump Republican criminal enterprise. And now we have the attorney general, the chief law enforcement officer of the U.S., saying that his job is not to defend the American public or what is best for the country, it is to do what Donald Trump tells him to do.

So I would say that the coup, the takeover of the Republican Party is complete. The Republican Party is now completely under the sway of out-of-control CEOs and a criminal president. A guy who tells cops to rough up people, not to be gentle with people they arrest! This is a crime!

He refused to release his tax returns. He is destroying the environment. He put an oil lobbyist in charge of the EPA, and a coal lobbyist in charge of the Department of the Interior, the agency that protects all of our public lands, many of which have coal in them. He is also destroying our government by not replacing department heads and filling important agencies with toady sycophants, acting heads.

He was negotiating a Trump hotel in Moscow while running for president and the Russians among others were helping him get elected, and now Barr is helping him get away with all of this. Barr handed over to Congress and the public a report that was heavily redacted, a report that is a joke.

We deserve to see the entire report; the American taxpayers’ money paid for this. We need to see the report, the entire report and nothing but the report and all the background reporting that was done by the FBI investigators as well. No redactions, no omissions, no cover up. Anything less is a sham and an insult to our intelligence as a country, a collective slap in the face and un-American.

Jesse Dorsett

Hemet, Calif.

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