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COMMENTARY: Senate’s job: Find the truth

WASHINGTON — The upside of Republicans’ determined illogic in the impeachment trial of President Trump — arguments first, fact finding later — is that it has injected a note of drama into proceedings whose finale seems inevitable. Will the House managers be permitted to call witnesses? More pointedly, does the Republican controlled Senate care more about acquitting the president — and avoiding antagonizing his base — or about living up to its constitutional responsibilities?

  • icon Posted: January 27
Monday 01/27/2020
EDITORIAL: Weak windfall: Unemployment numbers low, but wages still are not rising

In 2019, Americans found that snaring a paycheck was easier than growing one.

Sunday 01/26/2020
EDITORIAL: Seek peace: We must stop sacrificing children to needless wars

The Rio Grande Valley has laid yet another of our children to rest far too soon. We can only imagine the pain felt by the family of Army Spc. Miguel Angel Villalon, who was killed on duty Jan. 11 in Afghanistan. But the community has also suffered the loss, and we thank the family for allowing the community to share their grief through public commemorations.

Friday 01/24/2020
COMMENTARY: Pronoun wars

WASHINGTON — “I am a woman,” wrote federal prisoner #18479-078. “Can I not be referred to as one?”

Thursday 01/23/2020
EDITORIAL: Sign up: Voting in this year’s races carries added importance

Most U.S. citizens 18 or older have a right to vote and help forge our nation’s future. Any eligible person who wishes to vote in the March 3 Democratic and Republican party primaries must be registered by Feb. 3 to do so.

Wednesday 01/22/2020
COMMENTARY: Everything on demand

Reporters complain about business. We overlook the constant improvements in our lives made possible by greedy businesses competing for your money. Think about how our access to entertainment has improved.

EDITORIAL: It’s private: People have right to build wall on their own property

One of the most common arguments from proponents of President Donald Trump’s proposed border wall is that people are able to build walls on their own property.

Sunday 01/19/2020
EDITORIAL: Stop calling: Nation has no good reason to keep draft registration

After the United States and Iran sent missiles at each other’s installations in Iraq, cybervandals, as they do, seized the opportunity to terrorize the general public. They sent out message to various Americans saying they had been drafted and needed to prepare for war.

Friday 01/17/2020
EDITORIAL: Closed door: Strain of tending to refugees doesn’t justify rejecting them

Recent swarms of Central American migrants seeking asylum arguably have affected no place more than the Rio Grande Valley. More of them have arrived at South Texas ports of entry than at any other place along our border.

Thursday 01/16/2020
COMMENTARY: USMCA is incomplete

As we begin a new decade, I was struck by the recent news of an American family that was returning to the United States from their vacation in Mexico who were violently and deliberately gunned down on a Mexican highway along the U.S.-Mexico border, resulting in the death of a 13-year-old child. To add to the tragedy, on the evening of Monday, Dec. 23, just days before Christmas, a U.S. citizen was murdered in his vehicle while waiting to cross the McAllen-Hidalgo International Bridge.

EDITORIAL: Legitimacy: Trump and nation need fair Senate impeachment trial

The impeachment of an American president is a tragedy, one that should not be made worse by a sham trial in the Senate.

Wednesday 01/15/2020
LETTERS: Partisan hearings

The impeachment hearings were a partisan affair. Democrats providing evidence for impeaching the president and Republicans shamelessly defending him.

LETTERS: Constitution will prevail

The 2018 election was telling. Republicans enabled a corrupt executive. Voters couldn’t stomach Trump costing the GOP House majority.

COMMENTARY: Licensed to fail

People who want to work should be allowed to work. That includes people who once went to jail.

COMMENTARY: A new era: U.S.-China trade deal offers wins for farmers, factories

The United States and China are expected to sign off today on the first phase of a trade agreement that plants some relationship certainty in the ground. Yes, this will be good for Midwest farmers.

Tuesday 01/14/2020
Poverty in Rio Grande Valley

The Rio Grande Valley is a relatively small region where many people call home. Our tiny region is filled with rich culture, lots of history and loving people. The Valley, however, is nowhere near perfect, and several issues still tug on our local government.

EDITORIAL: Keeping tabs: Data on concert shows need for transparency

After years of delays and court challenges, the city of McAllen on Tuesday finally released information on how much of taxpayers’ money it paid singer Enrique Iglesias to appear at the 2015 holiday parade. If anything, the information strengthens the argument for transparency.

Monday 01/13/2020
OPINION: Navigating fake news

CHICAGO — My son, his best friend, Dave, and I were chatting over a pizza last weekend when Dave dropped some (absolutely incorrect) information: The elderly are forgoing nursing homes for cruise ships, because the room and board cost about the same, plus you get entertainment and travel. Again — this is not a real phenomenon. A few healthy, affluent retirees have spent a few years this way, but the cruise ship industry is in no way prepared to offer extended care for masses of frail elderly adults with complex medical conditions like chronic diseases and memory problems.

Sunday 01/12/2020
OPINION: Three tips for new year

I learned three new things last year that made my life better!

Improving drug prices

On Dec. 12, the U.S. House of Representative took a vital step to lower prescription drug prices and passed the Lower Drug Costs Now Act. This bipartisan bill offers real relief to the millions of Americans who struggle to afford their needed medications. The bill would allow Medicare to use its buying power to negotiate lower drug prices, create an out-of-pocket cap for seniors in Medicare Part D, and crack down on excessive drug price increases.

Seeking perfection

A new year, 2020, is upon us. Recalling the Snellen Test used by optometrists, 2020 refers to perfect vision. Would it not be ideal if the calendar year had nothing less then perfect days? As humans, no one is so powerful or perfect; we all make mistakes or blunders somewhere along the line.

Thursday 01/09/2020
EDITORIAL: Immigration fee increases seem too large at one time

The benefits of living in the United States are immeasurable. That is why so many people continue to arrive at our borders seeking entry, even after three years of aggressive anti-immigrant posturing and actions by the current administration. The administration is about to make it even harder for foreign-born people to get in, and stay in.

Monday 01/06/2020
EDITORIAL: Good call: Mental health services line makes help more available

It’s hard to imagine life without the 911 emergency number, or how many lives have been saved since the three-digit calling system was implemented beginning in the late-1960s.

Wednesday 12/18/2019
My constitutional oath

Walking the halls of Congress for the first time as an intern in 1996, I never truly grasped the level of responsibility that comes with being a congressman. I answered mail for concerned constituents, prepared memos on legislation, answered phones and ran the occasional errand. The interactions I had with staff and the congressman were formative, and they always had one thing in mind in everything they did — the residents of South Texas.

Tuesday 12/17/2019
EDITORIAL: Our shame: Another Valley official faces corruption, criminal charges

We couldn’t escape the year without another Rio Grande Valley official facing charges of corruption.

Tuesday 12/03/2019
EDITORIAL: Promoting life: Reef projects build habitat that help wildlife, economy

Environmentalists often fall into one of two primary groups — those who try to preserve pristine areas and “let nature take its course,” and those who actively work to improve or create new habitat or employ aggressive husbandry practices to benefit creatures, such as gathering up sea turtle eggs and incubating them until they can release the hatchlings.

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