BPUB launches websites for kids and workers

The Brownsville Public Utilities Board launched two websites targeting children and workers to promote safety and awareness around utilities.

The e-SMART kids website targets elementary school students and provides fun ways to learn more about electric and water utilities.

Some of the kids website features include:

>>Videos with topics that focus on electrical safety

>>Games to have fun while learning about electricity

>>Home inspections to identify electrical hazards or ways to conserve water

>>Teachers and parents sections that provide additional resources for lessons.

The teachers section includes curriculum materials, helpful links and video resources.

Parents can also find many of the same resources, along with an emergency guide to avoid electrical fires, shocks, downed power lines, power outages, and lighting accidents.

The e-SMART workers website is a great resource for any business that must work around utilities.

>>Dig Safely — learn to call 811 to spot for underground lines

>> Look Up and Live — be aware of power lines and the hazards they present

>>Videos — lessons include electric safety, digging & excavating, ladders & long tools, cranes & heavy equipment

>>Case Studies — real-life stories reinforce safety lessons

>>Training Quiz — test your knowledgeBPUB invites all residents to visit https://brownsville-pub.e-smartkids.com/ and https://brownsville.e-smartworkers.com/ to learn about safety in a fun and interactive way. These sites can also be accessed through https://www.brownsville-pub.com/.