RGC man held without bond pending trial

A Rio Grande City man was denied bond and will remain in custody pending his trial.

Sergio Gustavo Reyes, who crashed his vehicle into a fence while eluding authorities in early October remains in custody after a Court denied his bond release, notes show.

Reyes, who made his initial appearance in federal court Oct. 6, recently requested new counsel to represent him in court; from attorney Jesus Maria Alvarez, to Yvonne Marie Sanchez, records show.

According to the complaint against Reyes, on Oct. 3, Border Patrol agents were sent to surveill an area along the river in the city of Roma.

“ At approximately 6:00 p.m. agents observed several subjects emerge from the vegetation near the river and enter a white Chevrolet Silverado which was in the area. Agents dispatched their observations to surrounding agents and suspected an alien smuggling attempt was taking place,” the document states.

The aforementioned vehicle, later identified as the vehicle Reyes was driving, was seen leaving the area near the river.

After agents attempted to pull the vehicle over, Reyes, later identified as the driver of the Silverado, failed to yield and “accelerated into a residential area,” the complaint states.

“ Agents proceeded to follow the Silverado for approximately four minutes as it ultimately came to a stop when it crashed into a fence,” the court document states.

Reyes was found outside the vehicle, and subsequently six persons were found to be in his vehicle.

Reyes, when approached by authorities, declined to provide a statement.

At least one person Reyes allegedly picked up told agents she paid $13,000 to be smuggled into the country.

She said she crossed the river earlier that day prior to her contact with Reyes, and the chase with authorities.

The Court set an arraignment hearing for Oct. 30; where the Starr County resident could determine whether or not he’d like to plead guilty or not guilty to the aforementioned accusation.

If Reyes pleads not guilty, the Court could set trial for December as jury selection is currently set for Dec. 4, records show.

Reyes could face between 5 and 10 years in prison if convicted.