Neighbors complain about confetti from private party

Residents living in a Brownsville Country Club neighborhood have filed a police report saying a neighbor threw a birthday party last weekend for a family member and used a confetti cannon that also discharged confetti to several properties on the street.

A resident who complained said the confetti has been left all over city streets and several neighbors’ properties for almost a week now. One of the residents has filed a police report and contacted the City Manager’s Office.

In an interview with The Herald on Thursday, City Manager Noel Bernal said the report was made on the 20th and has been assigned to code enforcement. Bernal added it’s been followed up on.

“It’s in process, code enforcement has to take its course in terms of how we go about seeking voluntary compliance and then to the point of staff potentially having to even issue a citation,” Bernal said.

“Staff has met with the third party on the allegation and they are following up, so there is not a closed report yet. My only comment at this point would be that it has been assigned to code enforcement and it’s been followed up.”