Democrats make historic ad buy in South Texas

EDINBURG — The Texas Democratic Party will target Latinos in the Rio Grande Valley beginning Wednesday in what the party is calling the biggest ad buy in South Texas.

“It’s gonna be more than anyone’s ever invested before,” party spokesperson Abhi Rahman said Tuesday.

And though he declined to disclose the total investment in South Texas, Rahman said the party spent “six figures” to disseminate print, radio and digital advertisements across the state.

“Our path to victory runs through South Texas. If you look at it, it’s an area that is 90% democratic, and it’s just a matter of getting out the vote,” he said.

When asked why the party was spending money in what has historically been a Democratic stronghold, Rahman said the ad buys were meant to reinforce the party’s commitment to the region.

“As South Texas goes, the rest of the state is gonna go, and we believe strongly that we’re gonna turn Texas blue,” he said.

The announcement came a day after news broke that the Biden campaign also plans to spend $6.3 million in advertising throughout Texas during the final four weeks. And it also came two days after Kamala Harris’ husband, Douglas Emhoff, made a campaign stop in Edinburg to promote the democratic ticket.

“We know that the path through flipping Texas blue runs through the Rio Grande Valley,” Rahman said Tuesday.

And even though Republicans have been highly active throughout the region in what is commonly referred to as a Trump train, Rahman believes it’s mostly a show.

“A lot of people who attend that are from out of town — they’re not actually people from the Rio Grande Valley or from South Texas. They are people that are coming in to make it look like that,” he said. “So we’re confident that people in South Texas and the Rio Grande Valley are going to go very strongly for the democrats.”

Rahman also indicated Republicans have not invested in local ad buys.

“The fact of the matter is that Republicans haven’t spent a dime in South Texas or the Rio Grande Valley,” the Democratic Party spokesman said. “They are not doing any ads, they’re not doing any kind of real outreach, and I think that’s what people really need to know — that one party is actually going out there and trying to make sure that everyone has their voice heard.”