BISD candidates report campaign contributions

Candidates in the Nov. 3 Brownsville Independent School District Board of Trustees election reported more than $75,000 in campaign contributions, spent about $128,000 on their campaigns and financed the difference with personal loans, according to campaign contribution reports.

Monday was the deadline for filing campaign finance reports due 30 days before the election. The reports are posted on the BISD website.

Fourteen candidates are running for five seats on the board. By position sought, here is a look at what the campaign contribution reports show:

Position 2

(This position is for the two-year unexpired term formerly held by Erasmo Castro, who resigned earlier this year in the aftermath of his arrest on DWI. All others are for a four-year term.)

>> Jaime Diez, reported contributions totaling $18,611 and expenditures of $24,185. Among the contributions were $2,000 each from Maria Luisa Garcia and Gerardo Garcia of Brownsville, $1,500 each from Jaime M. Diez of Brownsville, Jones & Crane Attorneys of Weslaco, and Corporativo Logistico GEA of Brownsville, and $1,000 from Tameme Logistics of South Padre Island. He listed various other contributions, mainly between $200 and $500.

>> Frankie Olivo reported a $300 contribution, a $7,000 loan and $6,985 in expenses.

>> Denise R. Garza reported contributions of $3,375 and expenditures of $3,343. Among her contributions were $2,000 from Dolores Schrock of Brownsville and $500 each from Angela Marie Reyna and Luis Villarreal, both of Brownsville.

Position 3

>> Philip T. Cowen, the incumbent, reported $12,500 in contributions, a $15,000 personal loan, and expenditures totaling $32,848. He reported contributions of $1,500 and $1,000 from the delinquent tax collection firm Linebarger, Goggin, Blair, Sampson LLP, $3,000 from Jose Salazar of Salazar Insurance, $2,500 from Baltazar Salazar, the BISD board attorney, $2,000 from Gilberto Hinojosa of Brownsville, $1,000 from Purdue, Brandon, Fielder, Collins & Mott LLP of Houston, and $1,500 from Jorge Cisneros, a security specialist of SAFECO in McAllen.

>> Argelia Miller reported a loan of $2,000 and expenditures of $947.

>> Jessica G. Gonzalez reported contributions of $100, a campaign loan of $2,803, and expenditures of $2,932.

>> Evaristo Viro Cardenas reported campaign expenses of $1,300 paid for from personal funds.

Position 5

>> Erasmo Castro reported contributions of $1,860, a $10,000 loan and expenditures of $11.860.

>> Daniella Lopez Valdez reported contributions of $23,501, a loan of $9,856 and expenditures of $24,517. Contributions included $1,500 from the S& B Engineering PAC of Houston, $1,000 from Rudolph Vasquez Gomez, architect, of Rancho Viejo, $2,500 from Linebarger, Goggin, Blair Sampson LLP, $1,000 from Martinez/Tijerina of Brownsville, $1,000 from Rene Capistran of Brownsville, $1,000 from Rene E. Ramirez, of Edinburg, $1,000 from Joey Lopez of Brownsville, $1,000 from Sylvia S. Lopez of Brownsville, and various contributions under $1,000.

Position 6

>> Minerva M. Pena, the incumbent, listed contributions of $5,200 and expenditures of $5,220.

>> Marisa F. Leal, reported contributions of $3,750 and expenses of $3,600.

>> Joe A. Rodriguez reported contributions of $3,416 and expenditures of $3,756.

Position 7

>> Carlos Elizondo listed contributions of $1,650, a loan of $2,775 and expenditures of $3,025.

>> Eddie Garcia reported contributions of $1,150, a loan of $6,000 and expenditures of $3,805.