McALLEN — Although a McAllen luncheon slated to include Donald Trump Jr. on Friday was postponed following the positive COVID-19 tests of the president and first lady, the luncheon’s organizers are keeping positive about the situation for Republicans locally and nationally.

The Hidalgo County Republican Party announced the postponement on social media Friday, writing that Trump Jr. and Fox News personality Kimberly Guilfoyle, who was also supposed to attend the event, were in close proximity to the president and others in the White House who had tested positive.

Trump Jr. is still expected to attend the luncheon in McAllen before Election Day, Nov. 3, although it’s unclear exactly when that event will be held.

“It depends on him agreeing to a certain date and a certain time,” Eva Arechiga, one of the luncheon’s organizers, said.

Arechiga said the $50-per-ticket event had sold out slots for 250 guests, a number she says could increase if an alternate venue to Valencia Event Center is found for the undetermined new date.

“It might turn out to be a good thing, because I think he deserves that,” she said.

About 30 individuals lingered around the parking lot of the event center Friday morning, chatting and waving flags supporting the president at passing cars.

They were mostly party organizers, like Arechiga, or candidates.

“We are all heartbroken because these are all the patriots that elected Donald J. Trump, and we’re trying so hard to get him reelected,” Arechiga said. “It’s in our heart to flip this Valley red, to keep Texas red, and help this president that’s doing so much for this country.”

Tony Torres, another organizer, said that local Republicans were sending their support to the president and his family after the positive diagnosis, which has not deterred their confidence in the candidate.

“It just happened, so the reaction has been a prayer,” he said. “We’re on different social medias and we’re just showing an outpouring of love towards the family and towards his wife, and we’re just praying, praying for an immediate recovery with no symptoms. And we believe something like that’s going to happen, we’re very faithful people down here.”

The diagnosis also failed to convince any of the individuals milling about in the parking lot of Valencia Event Center to wear a facemask.

When asked about the lack of masks, Torres noted that they were outside, and related a story about a friend who had taken several precautions and still caught COVID-19.

“If you’re gonna get it, you’re gonna get it,” Torres said. “That’s the way I see it.”