Texas Border Coalition wants travel restrictions lifted


The Texas Border Coalition today stepped up its effort to persuade the U.S. Department of Homeland Security  to lift restrictions that limit non-essential travel at the U.S., Mexico and Canada borders.

In a letter to Acting Secretary Chad Wolf, Cameron County Judge and TBC Chairman Eddie Treviño, Jr., said, the time is at hand for DHS to allow the current restrictions on non­essential travel between the U.S., Mexico and Canada to expire and to deploy the surged CBP agents where they are needed at the land ports of entry.

Recently, DHS announced a surge of 600 U.S. Customs and Border Protection officers to theRio Grande Valley and Laredo sectors with the intent of intensifying the enforcement of non-essential travel. The announcement was accompanied by an inexplicable reduction inoperating lanes at most land ports of entry.

“When these surged personnel are not evident atthe ports and the number of lanes are reduced during peak hours, wait times have grown much longer, further impeding the passage of international goods and travelers that border communities rely on,” Treviño said.

The judge noted that instituting efficient and safe operations at U.S.-Mexico land ports will ensure that international travelers are able to contribute to our binational economy.

“We need international travelers conducting crucial commercial activities to re-invigorate our economy, not waiting in line at the international ports of entry,” he said.