LETTERS: Criticism for conservatives

Something I find to be very disappointing about many political “conservatives” in 2020 is something that award-winning journalist Jane Mayer emphasizes with countless examples in her award-winning book “Dark Money: The Hidden History of the Billionaires Behind the Rise of the Radical Right.” She points out that many of today’s most wealthy and powerful national conservatives believe that their “ends” (including winning national elections) justify their use of any and all immoral and unethical “means” (including the use of “stealth tactics” such as lying, making things up, being sneaky, deceptive, devious and misleading, providing and presenting misinformation and phony and fake research and extensive use of think tanks that produce false right-wing propaganda that is disguised as objective/scientific research, which it certainly is not, and trying to hide the fact from the public that many of them would love to abolish most, if not all, of the federal government’s social programs such as Social Security and Medicare, which help people.

To my knowledge, nothing in her book has ever been successfully refuted by anyone. Conservatives all ignore it and avoid it as if it is like kryptonite to them.

It is a shame that far too many of today’s “conservatives” not only act in “bad faith” but actively encourage other conservatives to do the same.

Stewart B. Epstein Rochester, N.Y.