City manager receives two-year extension, no salary increase

The Brownsville City Commission on Sep. 15 extended City Manager Noel Bernal’s contract for two more years effective Oct.1 after almost two years since he began his service for the city in December 2018.

After filing a public information request with the city of Brownsville, officials released the information to The Brownsville Herald that stated Bernal’s base salary remains the same since when he started at $225,000 but an annual 457 (b) deferred compensation contribution was added in the amount of $19,500.

Bernal’s contract states the City Commission shall review and evaluate the performance of Bernal at least once annually in each fiscal year, called the annual review. The Annual Review, and such other reviews at any other times deemed appropriate by the City Commission, shall be to perform an objective discussion and appraisal of Bernal’s performance as the City Manager in the preceding year and to provide the City Manager guidance on the City Commission’s expectations of future performance by Bernal, the contract reads.

In a press release, the city stated Bernal’s focus has been to cultivate an organizational culture of leadership development at all levels of the organization. Through this process, an aspirational aim was developed for the organization to become the model of innovation, inclusion, and empowerment where bold people and ideas thrive, the release reads.

“I am grateful for the vote of confidence by the Mayor and Commission. I strongly believe the positive steps we have made thus far are the beginning of many more successes for our community,” Bernal said.

Brownsville Mayor Trey Mendez said Bernal has been a major asset for the city and through his leadership they are making huge strides and have gained credibility on a national level.