Brownsville police warn residents of scammers impersonating officers

The Brownsville Police Department is warning residents to beware of a group of scammers impersonating Brownsville police officers.

The scammers are contacting residents by phone telling them they have warrants for their arrests and that they have to pay a fine, Brownsville PD stated on its social media pages.

The scammers are requesting Moneypak cards as a form of over the phone payment.

Brownsville PD does not request any form of payment (credit cards, Moneypak cards, or personal bank account information) relating to citations, arrest warrants, or any other fines via telephone, Brownsville PD said on its social media posting.

In case of receiving a related scam phone call in which scammers mention they are from the Brownsville PD any other local government entity, do not provide any personal information or payment via telephone until you have contacted the appropriate government entity to report and validate the information.