Members Exhibition: Fine Art Museum features 100 pieces in new exhibit

The Brownsville Museum of Fine Art invites the community to experience the third annual members exhibit titled “Invision,” which hopes to give the public an opportunity to appreciate and support the local arts as well as to find inspiration to stay mentally active by creating something new.

The exhibit showcases more than 100 pieces including painted chairs, papel repujado and mixed media paintings by more than 20 artists. It will run until Oct. 9.

Executive Director Deyanira Ramirez said it is an honor for the museum to exhibit these pieces by so many great local artists.

“I would like to express that this annual membership has been happening for the last three years and we are very honored to host it here at the museum at the same time that we are having the pandemic. It’s very hard for members to be outside and for visitors to come and enjoy the artwork that we are presenting,” she said. “It is an honor for the museum and for myself to host this type of exhibition.”

Irma Mills, chairwoman and founder of the members art show, is showcasing some of her latest art pieces and said creating art is a way to express feelings, whether good or bad, especially during this pandemic when there are so many mixed feelings. She added art also helps to keep our minds agile and allows us to find ways to express ourselves when we can’t find the words.

“Creating art is a way to express your feelings, good and bad. And all the nonsense feeling that we have all the time and I think that being able to express in whichever medium it is or try to show the beauty that you see within whatever object is in front of you is very important,” she said.

Brownsville Museum of Fine Art (BMFA) artist, founder and chairman of The Annual Members Art Show at BMFA Irma Marin de Mills stands next to her artwork “Basket of Calla Lilies” made from repoussé on pewter during the 3rd Annual Invision 2020 Members Art Show now open to the public for viewing. (Miguel Roberts/The Brownsville Herald)

“So many people cannot express themselves with words but when they see an art piece, it will flourish in them the idea that they cannot express. It may have been an emotion of happiness, anger, sadness and all that comes out when many times you find yourself in front of an art piece and it speaks to you.”

Mills added it is very important to support the local artists who are showcasing their work at this exhibit because they are part of the community. Some of the artwork is for sale and can be purchased at the museum.

Simultaneously, the museum is also showcasing its annual Brownsville Independent School District Exhibit where dozens of pieces by faculty members are showcased.

“We are the community, we are part of the community and we are talking with everybody every day and we try to express our feelings and our desires,” Mills said.

“So many times we don’t have the words to do so but the people can come over here and see what we feel, what we see, how we talk and maybe we cannot express ourselves with words but our colors, our shapes, our inspirations, you can see them right there on the canvas and on the chair, or the piece of wood; you can see it right there, there is something that expresses a lot more than we can say with words.”