Local businessman gives out KN95 masks for first responders

Robert Rivas, owner of Mi Casa Furniture, knew he wanted to do a lot more than just saying thank you to the local first responders who are putting their lives on the line to combat the COVID-19 pandemic.

When he saw an opportunity to buy a large shipment of KN95 face masks, he did not think of making a profit, like some people do, but instead he thought of ways of giving back to the community. After he received the shipment, Rivas started to give out five free KN95 face masks to Cameron County health care workers and first responders at his furniture store.

“For first responders, since they are doing such a special job for us in this battle against the coronavirus, I am giving them five free masks for first responders and police in Cameron County,” he said.

“We can do a lot more if the businesses use their resources to fight this pandemic, because it’s a big task that requires a lot of cooperation and if we receive it from the community during good times, right now during tough times it’s important to step in and help out.”

Rivas is not only giving five free face masks to all first responders, but also is selling them to the public for 99 cents. He said the cheapest he has seen them for sale is $2.50 and instead of making a profit he wants to give back to the community in order to fight the pandemic that has affected everyone’s lives.

“We brought in a large shipment of face masks at a very good price that we can sell them to the public for much less than what you even see on the internet and on stores if they can find them,” he said.

“This helps this community because instead of having to wear a cloth mask, or handkerchief, they can come for a quality KN95 and be safer and protect others more. At this point we have thousands of masks that we are going to be giving away, five per responder and it’s a big help for these nurses and health care workers.”

Rivas said he is very grateful to first responders because while everyone is running away from the virus, they are running straight to it to help those who need it. He said it is everyone’s responsibility to stop the spread of the virus including business owners.

“We all need to do our part, all the businesses and all the individuals; we need to be responsible, wash your hands, use the sanitizer at the stores, keep your distance and it seems to be working because it has slowed down now that we started this effort but it’s a virus and a virus does not go away that easily.”

If you are a healthcare worker or a first responder visit Mi Casa Furniture located on 7533 Boca Chica Blvd to get your free face masks.