Trump supporters rally in Harlingen for re-election campaign

HARLINGEN — For the love of country, she said.

That’s why Lisa Hernandez, leader of the Cameron County Conservatives, said she attended a pro-Trump re-election rally Saturday in the Valle Vista Mall parking lot.

“We’re just showing our support for our country and Trump and everything he stands for,” said Hernandez, 42. “He’s pro-life and he’s pro-Christian and he loves our country.”

Hernandez was one of more than 100 Trump supporters who gathered Saturday for the RGV – Harlingen MAGAMeetup and Trump Train. The caravan had traveled from McAllen to meet fellow conservatives in the Lower Valley who showed a sizeable turnout themselves.

One organizer estimated there were more than 200 cars and twice as many people at the rally.

Before the rally began at 10:30 a.m., a caravan of cars flying American flags streamed down Business 83, horns honking.

“Hi, patriots! Patriots, good morning!” declared a jubilant Eva Arechiga, co-captain of RGV Trump Train.

She wore a T-shirt with the words, “All Aboard the 2020 Trump Train,” and carried a sign reading, “Latinos 4 Trump.”

“God Bless America,” she said. “We are here to celebrate the re-election of Donald J. Trump.”

After a man led the group in the Pledge of Allegiance, Arechiga spoke again to the crowd and made plans for a now-very large caravan of vehicles to travel farther through the Valley. She then explained the desire to make the Valley more conservative.

“We want to flip the Valley red so that we keep Texas red,” she said. “We are not going to be silent anymore.”

Steve Shamlian, 68, sat in his Ram 3500 truck with flags bearing the Stars and Stripes along with others bearing such slogans as “Keep America Great!” and “Re-elect Trump for President of the United States.”

“He’s improved the economy and he brought us back to life,” Shamlian said. “He’s pro-police, pro-life, he’s pro-gun, pro-Second Amendment.”

Not far away, several young women wore shirts bearing the words, “Pro-God, Pro-Life, Pro-Trump.” Several carried U.S. flags, another touted a red flag with the line “Jesus is King.” A few bore flags with black and white strips along with a single green one. Those colors represented support for the military and Border Patrol.

Jacqueline Garza, 18, looked forward to voting in her first presidential election.

“I want to support Trump,” she said. “He’s done a lot for our country and he’s going to continue to do more for the country. He’s provided a lot of jobs for women and minorities. He’s really made a difference in the country like with taxes.”

Her mother extolled Trump’s accomplishments even further.

“I love the fact that he cares about our financial state,” said Nidia Garza, 39. “He stands up for those without a voice, even the unborn and minorities. He’s not afraid to step on any toes.”