Wendy’s new breakfast menu increases sales 

Wendy’s customers are liking the company’s new breakfast offerings.

Unlike other fastfood restaurants that have suffered trying to sell breakfast, Wendy’s same-store sales have fully recovered from their April struggles, rising 5.1% in June and 8.2% in July.

According to RestaurantBusinessOnline.com, breakfast sales represent 8% of sales and company officials plan to spend $15 million in the second half of this year to market breakfast.

“We plan to market breakfast in a big way in the back half of the year as more people fall into their daily routines,” CEO Todd Penegor said during the company’s second-quarter earnings call on Wednesday. “We believe we have a huge opportunity” to increase breakfast sales even further.

Company executives said that breakfast was largely incremental and didn’t take away from Wendy’s lunch or dinner business.

Breakfast sales have been the hardest hit for restaurants as more people work from home and don’t pickup the morning meal on the way to the office.

“We’re very pleased with breakfast,” Penegor said, calling the daypart “another layer of growth.”

Wendy’s has added Uber Eats as a delivery partner.