BPUB crews work through night, restore service to all customers

Hurricane Hanna brought a few outages along with a tornado to the service territory of the Brownsville Public Utilities Board, but BPUB crews worked through the night to continue restoring service to customers.

There were a few electrical outages overnight, the largest of which impacted approximately 3,600 customers for about four hours. This was the result of damage to a substation thought to be caused by a tornado reported in the area as well as water.

Despite all of the rain, weather conditions in Brownsville stayed within safe working conditions, so crews continued to restore any outages that were reported throughout the night. By 10 a.m. Sunday, only scattered outages throughout the city remained. By 6 p.m., service was restored to all remaining BPUB customers.

“I am extremely proud of the way our team came together to face Hurricane Hanna. Our crews and energy control personnel stayed focused throughout the night on responding to our customers’ needs. We know that there is more rain to come, so we will continue to keep an eye on the situation and will safely deal with any problems that might come up,” said BPUB General Manager & CEO John. S. Bruciak.

With more rain expected in the Rio Grande Valley over the next few days, BPUB will monitor the weather conditions and keep crews on standby.

“I’d like to thank the community for their patience and the BPUB staff for their quick response. In extremely difficult conditions, they answered the call for those who needed it. This is what it means to have a hometown utility,” said BPUB Chair Anna E. Oquin.

If there are any customers experiencing an outage or other service-related problem, they can call (956) 983-6121 or use BPUB’s web-based app at http://assist.brownsville-pub.com.