Recycling Center reopens

The City of Brownsville Recycling Center located at 308 E. Elizabeth St. has reopened to the public.

The Recycling Center will be open from 8 a.m. to noon, Monday through Saturday, and will maintain these hours of operation until further notice.

The Recycling Center temporarily closed due to COVID-19 concerns and ongoing employee testing as reported by the city’s third-party provider, GMS Waste Disposal.

Some of the items available for recycling include newspapers, phone books, magazines, plastic, card board, paper board, office paper, aluminum cans, detergent bottles, juice bottles, medicine bottles, milk gallons, shampoo bottles, soda bottles, sports drink and water bottles.

All plastic containers and cans should be rinsed.

Items that are not accepted include used disposable gloves, face masks, disposable cups and plates, straws, styrofoam, metal containers, glass, batteries, diapers, books, syringes, needles, serum hoses and wax cartons.

The City of Brownsville thanks its residents for their patience and for keeping their recyclable materials in their home during this closure.

Please contact Brownsville’s Non-Emergency Hotline by calling (956) 546-HELP (4357) or email if you have any questions. For more information on the City of Brownsville’s response to COVID-19, go to