BPUB says missing $1.3 million returned to utility company

The Brownsville Public Utility Board says it received a check for $1,321,610.66 that was deposited into a wrong bank account.

In a news release, BPUB says the missing money was caught up in a scam that occurred when it received a request from someone claiming to be with Noble Texas Builders to change its bank account information. But the construction company said it did not authorize the change. The money was owed for work done on a project for BPUB.

The utility company says Wells Fargo Bank received the check from Bank of America.

“BPUB gives a big thank you to the professionals working within our company who first discovered the fraud and all of the law enforcement personnel who have worked on this case. All of their dedication made this possible,” said BPUB General Manager & CEO John S. Bruciak.

BPUB did not say who authorized the change in the bank information, but says it will continue to work with authorities and the fraud units from both banks.


Probe into missing $1.3 million ongoing; BPUB allegedly deposited money into wrong account