COVID-19 cases, fatalities continue to rise in Texas


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HARLINGEN —The number of cases and related fatalities from COVID-19 continue to rise in Texas, with health officials confirming 87,854 cases and 1,976 deaths.

The latest numbers, released Sunday by the Texas Department of State Health Services, show little slowing of the upward trend line of COVID-19 cases.

The highest number of cases continue to occur in the state’s biggest counties, led by Harris (16,568 cases), Dallas (13,930), Tarrant (7,253), Travis (4,461) and Bexar (4,242).

Among the counties with total cases, Cameron County ranks No. 15 with 1,138 cases and Hidalgo County ranks No. 16 with 967 cases.

The counties with the highest mortality from COVID-19 are Dallas (283), Harris (275), Tarrant (194) Travis (104) and El Paso (100).

Cameron County has seen 44 deaths related to COVID-19, which ranks it No. 9 in the state. Hidalgo County has recorded 12 deaths from the coronavirus and Willacy County, which has had 56 confirmed cases, has recorded three deaths.

Starr County reported another 18 new cases Saturday, bringing the total there to 114.

The latest Cameron numbers were released Saturday, with 57 new cases reported. They came in Brownsville, Combes, Harlingen, Los Fresnos, Olmito, Port Isabel, Rancho Viejo, San Benito and Santa Rosa. Their ages range from an 8-month-old boy to a 73-year-old woman. 

Just over half the new cases, 29, were community spread while the remaining cases were either linked to a previous case (24) or related to travel (4).

COVID-19 numbers

State cases Deaths

87,854 1,976


1. Harris (16,568 cases, 275deaths)

2. Dallas (13,930 cases, 283deaths)

3. Tarrant (7,253 cases, 194 deaths)

4. Travis (4,461 cases, 104 deaths)

5. Bexar (4,242 cases, 88 deaths)

15. Cameron (1,138 cases, 44 deaths)

16. Hidalgo (967 cases, 12 deaths)

Source: Texas Department of State Health Services