Alumni Voices: Guadalupe Regional launches junior board of directors

Guadalupe Regional Middle School has capitalized on the time students spent sheltering at home during the novel coronavirus pandemic to launch a junior board of directors.

GRMS is a tuition-free Catholic middle school for boys and girls in sixth through eighth grades whose families desire but cannot afford a Catholic education. The academically challenging school teaches its students how to live the gospel values of love, justice, self-discipline and respect for others, with the goal that they become future leaders in the Brownsville civic and church communities.

With the school closed because of the pandemic and students learning from home, school officials were able to launch the junior board of directors. The goal is to engage GRMS alumni, and to give them a voice advising both school leadership and current students.

“They self-selected, we put out an announcement that the board was forming,” school President Michael Motyl said. “We’ve found them to be very eager and excited to help the school.”

The board has 12 members and has been meeting weekly via Zoom, talking about things they would have liked to see when they were students.

One is a mentoring program for GRMS graduates who are now high school students to help them navigate the process of applying to college, getting accepted and becoming college students.

Another is to help Guadalupe Regional with its alumni directory so the school can keep track of its graduates in their college and professional life,

GRMS makes an 11-year commitment to assist students in their journey to and through college.

“I’m tremendously excited to see our graduates wanting to give back to their middle school,” Motyl said. “This is very promising for us that they want to give back. As we’re approaching our 20th anniversary, it tells me we’re doing something right.”

The junior board of directors has members from the school’s first graduating class in 2007 up to and including students from the class of 2016.

Junior board member Nuri Ruvalcaba, class of 2007, responding to a questionnaire during the application process, said it’s always exciting to be part of something new.

“I am excited to be able to contribute my experience and help other students achieve their lifetime goals. It is a wonderful opportunity for me to make a difference and to give back to the school that gave me so much,” she wrote.

Diego Fonseca, class of 2016, said he welcomes the opportunity to give back to the school,

“I have received so much from the GRMS community, from an amazing education to long-lasting friendships, to endless support from the faculty and staff,” he wrote.