Reliable Source: New public information director comes onboard at BISD

Jason E. Moody, the Brownsville Independent School District’s new Director of Public Relations and Community Engagement, plans to tell BISD’s story from the positive perspective of its many accomplishments.

“The school district is an A-plus-rated rated district and we have that to use as a platform,” Moody, a Brownsville native, said during an an interview this past week in his office at district headquarters at 1900 Price Road. He started work April 1, just as the global coronavirus pandemic was settling in as the new normal.

“I’m very fortunate, I’m very excited and I’m blessed to be working with a school district where I’m a product of,” Moody said, adding that his parents instilled in him the importance of doing what’s right and giving back to the community. “I think people that really, really know me know that I stay involved.”

Moody is a 1999 Pace High School top 10% graduate who majored in journalism at the University of Texas at Austin, and transferred to what was then the University of Texas at Brownsville and Texas Southmost College to become a member of the UTB School of Mass Communication inaugural class.

He said he has two main goals coming into the job. The first is for his office to continue to be the No. 1 source for any and all information about BISD.

“It’s vital that the correct information is distributed to our community from reliable and credible sources to those that have a vast interest in our education,” he said. “It’s the students and the parents, but also the staff, the teachers and the employees of the school district. Because we are a big family we have to act and be a team of support to the education of our students.”

Moody’s second goal is to work on the district’s image.

“We have so many students that are achieving their dreams and accomplishing their goals here, so that’s what I want to do is continue to tell their story,” he said.