LETTERS: They’re not hoarders

In response to This is in response to “Stockpiled,” your editorial printed March 31. Do you know what a hoarder is? A hoarder is a person who collects, stashes, stockpiles and accumulates items that he or she will probably never use again. By contrast, these so-called “hoarders” bought toilet paper, hand sanitizer, bleach, soap, food and other goods that will be used now and at a later date.

A better word for them would be “preppers.” There are few words in the dictionary that will convince you otherwise.

These people began to prepare for an incident they saw coming.

I hope that after reading my letter you will see it from a different perspective. The stay-at-home order had not been issued yet and they were already making adequate preparations for themselves and others. Right now they and their loved ones are waiting it out like all the rest of us.

Guadalupe Castillo, McAllen