LETTERS: Nonchalant distancing

The new provisions and sanctions for global health safety should pose as a tactical individual standard, but for the multitudes the destructive power of COVID-19 is just another invasive improbability likened to a far-off approaching asteroid. What has been the most astonishing infectious transmission, aside from the virus itself, are the off-point attitudes and blatant disregard to the plight of battling this crisis by millions around the world. Animals instinctively feel the approach of disaster and run from it, but it appears that many humans, by not distancing, disregard their innate sonar and casually walk or run right into “the eye of COVID.”

What part of “if we don’t stay out of the public and away from others the potential of millions of lives perishing worldwide” could be inevitable? There are thousands of people dying as a result of this killer virus and most of them alone without family members or loved ones by their sides. It is heartbreaking to see or hear about family members who did not get to talk to an infected loved one before their passing or even hold a funeral ritual for them. Regrettably, in the midst of this global pandemic there are individuals who seemingly display a careless attitude toward their own potential to contract the virus or unknowingly spread it to others!

True character is only revealed in the midst of distortion or some kind of troubling event. If any one person on this planet can consciously surmise for themselves the reasoning to disregard imminent social dangers of COVID19 while haphazardly going about their daily agendas; you have slapped God in the face, telling the creator that the lives of others mean nothing to you! These trying times are tests for us all to channel deep into those intrinsic values that mold our character; there we will find its true foundation.

Twenty years from now, what will we all be able to say to the next generation about the part we played in this catastrophic event? The inspiration here is to individually be able to honestly say that we’ve contributed to the rebuilding and longevity of mankind by purposefully keeping ourselves and others out of harm’s way. Those who have intentionally disregarded the “call-toarms” as a global unification in distancing, unfortunately, the message to your children and grandchildren is that you’ve intentionally placed yourself, them, their families and the future of mankind’s survivability in harm’s way!

Dennis Walter Smith Sr., Seneca Falls, N.Y