COVID rules exaggerated

From the president to our local officials, everybody is concerned about this pandemic. The recommendations they have imposed on the citizens, like isolation and social distance, are well intended and necessary to stop this invisible threat. But, do not exaggerate, please.

Washing your hands for 20 seconds every hour when you have been isolated in your house, with no contact with the outside world, is an exaggeration. Some people do it because they believe this is a vaccine.

My wife and I have been isolated in our house for weeks. Our only venture outside is walking two miles early every morning. We rarely see anybody else at that time. But somebody started a rumor that this virus “is in the air” and we should wear a mask. This has no scientific proof whatsoever and only serves to spread more panic in a population that is already filled with other sensible rules.

If my wife and I spend our time together inside our home, watching TV 14 hours a day, why should we use masks when driving together? Are we going to infest each other inside the car?

People are driving their cars by themselves wearing masks. Is this virus going to trespass the car glass and attack them inside?

This is gross exaggeration and, as I said before, only causes more panic.

Like the president, our governor, our county judge and mayor, I am very concerned about this national enemy. But, please, use common sense; more unnecessary rules don’t help at all.

Jay Alvarez Brownsville