Working from home? Do you miss your work spouse?

Coworkers often joke they have a “work wife” or “work husband” at the office and then a real spouse at home.

A new survey says one in three Texans admit missing their work spouse, more than they would miss their spouse and one in ten admits accidentally calling their partner by the work spouse’s name., a provider of public relations and digital marketing resources, says it surveyed 3,500 people working from home in quarantine about their relationship with their work spouse vs. their actual partner.

Of those surveyed, 38% say they miss their work spouse, more than they would their partner and 63% say they would be more productive if they were in lockdown with their work spouse as compared to their actual partner.

‘While working from home, it is understandable why a large percentage of US employees are struggling to focus on their work, especially with news of a global pandemic,’ says Jamie Ellis of

Ellis says if you have the space, try working in a separate room from your spouse and plan your lunch hours at the same time. This way, you will each be able to give more attention to your work tasks, while still enjoy time together after work.