LETTERS: Where are city leaders?

For the first time we have had to deal with something fatal called the coronavirus.

Where are the seven city commissioners whom we elect into office?

Hardly any have spoken on TV or announced anything to what to do. The first who did care, and that’s why people voted for him, is Cameron County Judge Eddie Treviño.

He has warned us on TV and the newspaper about what to do and expect. But it seems he is also doing the City Commissioners’ job.

Where are they to say something to the public? Are they staying at home keeping safe? It is good to be with family members. But at least some of them could give our city at last 10% of their time.

In a city of almost 200,000, say something to help us.

This is not a hurricane coming from the gulf straight at us that will be over in two or three days. This is much worse; who knows when it will stop?

Just have faith and pray that it will be over soon.

I just want to say who’s making it happen. Informing us is the Cameron County judge, doing more than a great job. Thank you, Judge, for all you are doing, notifying us of what we have to do to keep safe and healthy.

I don’t want to put politics in this horrible situation, but when it comes time for Cameron County elections, just remember who is doing what for us in these critical times we’re going through and letting us know how the situation is.

Frank Galindo, Brownsville