Boca Chica Beach access to close for SpaceX

Cameron County Judge Eddie Treviño’s office has announced the temporary closure of Boca Chica Beach and access to it on State Highway 4 to accommodate anticipated space launch activities for SpaceX.

State Highway 4 will be closed from FM 1419, Oklahoma Avenue, to the entrance to Boca Chica Beach due to anticipated space launch activities for SpaceX. The beach will also be closed.

The closure is from 12 noon to 8 p.m. Oct. 23, and alternatively during the same hours on Oct. 24 and/or Oct. 25 should SpaceX not utilize the Oct. 23 closure.

In a news release, Treviño’s office said SpaceX and law enforcement authorities would coordinate to make sure no unauthorized individuals or vehicles are allowed to access the restricted areas.

“SpaceX will establish a safety zone perimeter that will include two temporary checkpoints on Highway 4. Individuals who provide proof of residence between the two checkpoints will be allowed to proceed through the soft checkpoint to access their homes during testing,” the news release states.

“Access beyond the hard checkpoint to the beach will not be permitted during temporary closures. Those wishing to visit the beach may do so on South Padre Island,” the release states.

The notice comes after Cameron County Commissioners Court in March gave Treviño the power to close the area for space flight activities, which was made possible through a law passed by the Texas Legislature in 2013.