Public invited to prayer gathering

The community is invited to join local pastors and congregations in a Prayer for Peacemakers on Saturday morning in Brownsville.

The event will be held at the Amigoland Event Center on 1000 Mexico Blvd from 10 a.m. to 11 a.m.

Pastor Kenneth Parks, the president of the Brownsville Ministerial Association, said it’s similar to a 9/11 service. This is the second year Brownsville has this prayer service.

“We pray for their families, we pray for their protection as they go out and respond. In Houston, there was a policeman who drowned. We want to pray for their protection ahead of time instead of after the fact,” Parks said.

The prayer service is for all first responders and law enforcement officials: police, firefighters, EMS, county law enforcement, Texas Department of Public Safety officials, federal agents, and judicial officials.

Fifteen pastors will be participating in this year’s service.

In the first year, many family members of the first responders showed up, as well as several members of the community, Parks said.

This is an event that is meant to bring the community together, he added.

“They’re out on the front lines. …They’re very brave men and women, and they don’t know if they’re coming home or not. If you have a wife or a husband who is a police officer, how do you deal with that?” Parks said. “If we weren’t praying, what would that situation be like? We may not be fighting the fire, but we stand arm-in-arm with them.”