City leaders look to set up rocket launch viewing center in place of old night club

SOUTH PADRE ISLAND — A city eyesore is now considered an ideal location for a SpaceX rocket launch viewing center.

The idea of the city purchasing the Chaos building and property is on hold for now as city leaders say they need for more time to decide whether to move forward with the project.

“We’re not completely abandoning the project. The City Council will revisit that in the near future,” Mayor Barry Patel said.

But the mayor adds, “I would love to see that building purchased and torn down to have a nice SpaceX viewing building there.”

The City Council tabled discussion April 6, after considering the possibility of ridding the city of the Chaos building to build the Island’s Space X rocket launch viewing site. The idea is that the site could also house a restaurant, meeting rooms and entertainment center for children.

The City Council also sees the potential of the site becoming an annex to the South Padre Island Convention Center, which would offer beach and bay viewing with expanded attractions.

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