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Lady Raiders, Cards grab crowns

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Posted: Friday, April 12, 2013 10:45 pm

A full season’s work was essentially decided at the two-day District 32-5A meet at Sams Memorial Stadium. And through it all, Harlingen High’s boys and Rivera’s girls emerged from it the happiest after having won their respective championship.

All season, the boys’ title appeared like it go to either the Cardinals or Los Fresnos. Friday, it was finally decided, with Harlingen High (166 points) edging out the Falcons (150).

The Lady Raiders (146) took the crown with a comfortable distance ahead of Los Fresnos’ girls (119), who finished in second place.

“The boys did wonderful today,” Harlingen High coach Harvey Noyola said. “They really stepped it up. We traded punches early. And I think a big turning point today was the 800 relay. Kind of didn’t expect to win that one.

“That was a nice turning point for the boys, and a shot in the arm for the confidence. I think that’s a point where we really took over in the meet. Basically, we started at that point and I told the boys, ‘Let’s go, let’s go.’”

The two-day event resumed Friday after a one-day break on Thursday.

Unlike past years in which qualifiers advanced directly to the regional meet, this year's route features an area meet that precedes it. Area begins April 18 and finishes April 20, again with an off-day in between, to be held at Weslaco High.

Rivera’s Keila Rodriguez (2:15.64) will among those making the trip after winning the 800.

Rodriguez’s first-place was the only individual win for a Rivera athlete on Friday. The team won the 1,600 relay (4:05.31) with Karla Avila, Crystal Perez, April Chapa and Rodriguez.

“Phenomenal, especially when we had a mishap in the sprint relay,” Lady Raiders coach Jenny Schuster said of her team’s effort. “We were really disappointed in that, but they came back and did what they needed to do to win the district title. It’s been their goal all year, and they accomplished it.”

Since the beginning of the season, Falcons coach Will Littleton had talked about his team's desire to add a third straight district crown to its mantle.

In the program's first district meet since joining 32-5A, Los Fresnos was unable to win three consecutive titles. But Falcons coach Will Littleton said he wasn’t entirely disappointed with the outcome.

“I’m really, really pleased with our kids,” he said. “Obviously we fell a little short on winning three district in a row, but our kids competed.

“And they really bought in. I told them yesterday we were going to be like boxers. We’re going to fight for 12 rounds and we won’t get knocked out, and I think we pretty much did that. We fought all the way until the end. We ran faster in the mile relay did we did all year. I’ll tell the kids here in a little bit, ‘We’ll move our focus to area and try to be area champions.’”

Littleton said the change in district affected their quest for a third crown, crediting Harlingen High and its coach, Noyola.

“Having Harlingen in our district made a big difference,” Littleton said. “They’re great, they’re great. Coach Noyola does an unbelievably job. He’s no doubt the best coach in the Valley. How he brought these kids all year long, I respect that and I’ll learn a lot from him as a coach this year.

“It hurts to lose to anybody, but a guy like that and a program like that — a class act — you could handle it a little better.”

Harlingen High's boys won the 800 relay (1:30.74). The Cardinals' Roman Hernandez also took first in the 110 (15.60) and the 300 (39.24). Teammate Marcos Medina (49.96) won the 400, and Chris Rosales (22.57) took the 200.

Los Fresnos' boys won the 800 relay (42.96). And the Falcons' Miguel Cruz (2:01.23) took first in the 800 dash. Los Fresnos' boys (42.94) won the 400 relay, and Harlingen High (1:30.74) took the 800 relay.

Harlingen High's girls won the 200 and 400 with Cassandra Divin.

Brownsville Veterans Memorial's girls won the 400 and 800 meter relays. The Lady Chargers' Cassie Garza (13.35) also won the 100.

Rivera's Jacquil Evans (11.25) won the 100.

District 32-5A Track & Field Meet

Wednesday and Friday

Sams Stadium, Brownsville

Team Results


1, Harlingen High 166; 2, Los Fresnos 150; 3, Harlingen South 89; 4, Brownsville Veterans Memorial 71; 5, Hanna 64; 6, Rivera 39; 7, Pace 29; 8, Porter 10; 9, Lopez 2


1, Rivera 146; 2, Los Fresnos 119; 3, Brownsville Veterans Memorial 89; 3, Harlingen South 89; 5, Hanna 79; 6, Pace 47; 7, Harlingen High 46; 8, Lopez 4; Total 619.00

Individual Results


Girls 100

1, Garza, Cassie, Brownsville Veterans, 13.35. 2, Pena, Cierra, Harlingen South, 13.73. 3, Estrada, Sandy, Los Fresnos, 13.76. 4, Bazan, Sarah, Harlingen High, 13.81. 5, Gonzalez, April, Rivera, 13.86. 6, Angeles, Gisela, Brownsville Veterans, 13.88.

Girls 200

1, Divin, Cassandra, Harlingen High, 26.48. 2, Endsley, Desarey, Rivera, 27.30. 3, Fennigen, Elise, Harlingen South, 27.45. 4, Lopez, Krista, Brownsville Veterans, 27.50. 5, Carrasco, Justine, Brownsville Veterans, 27.58. 6, Garza, Cristi, Los Fresnos, 28.35.

Girls 400

1, Divin, Cassandra, Harlingen High, 57.89. 2, Noyola, Mariah, Harlingen South, 59.96. 3, Perez, Crystal, Rivera, 1:00.44. 4, Martinez, Veronica, Hanna, 1:01.54. 5, Villanueva, Darlissa, Harlingen South, 1:02.99. 6, Lozano, Viviana, Brownsville Veterans, 1:03.11.

Girls 800

1, Rodriguez, Keila, Rivera, 2:15.64. 2, Noyola, Mariah, Harlingen South, 2:21.43. 3, Perez, Crystal, Rivera, 2:24.79. 4, Sanchez, Mariana, Hanna, 2:26.69. 5, Moreno, Carolina, Hanna, 2:29.51. 6, Gonzalez, Alejandra, Harlingen High, 2:29.59.

Girls 1,600

1, Gonzalez, Saira, Hanna, 5:24.87. 2, Rivera, Christina, Rivera, 5:29.38. 3, Sanchez, Mariana, Hanna, 5:33.55. 4, Ngo, Hope, Pace, 5:34.38. 5, Gonzales, Miranda, Los Fresnos, 5:34.45. 6, Davila, Alondra, Los Fresnos, 5:50.05.

Girls 100 Hurdles

1, Rodriguez, Anamaria, Harlingen South, 15.94. 2, Calvillo, Jaleah, Los Fresnos, 17.15. 3, Gonzalez, Ellen, Pace, 17.96. 4, Gallardo, Micaila, Hanna, 18.01. 5, Gonzalez, Natalie, Rivera, 18.66. 6, Arteaga, Michaela, Brownsville Veterans, 18.76.

Girls 300 Hurdles

1, Rodriguez, Anamaria, Harlingen South, 49.77. 2, Arteaga, Michaela, Brownsville Veterans, 50.15. 3, Gonzalez, Natalie, Rivera, 51.08. 4, Rodriguez, Evelyn, Pace, 51.33. 5, Calvillo, Jaleah, Los Fresnos, 52.19. 6, Avila, Maria, Pace, 57.51.

Girls 400 Relay

1, Brownsville Veterans A (Yzaguirre, Rachel, Garza, Cassie, Lopez, Krista, Angeles, Gisela), 50.74. 2, Los Fresnos A (Rodriguez, Andrea, Garza, Cristi, Lozano, Debbie, Estrada, Sandy), 51.03. 3, Hanna A (Cantu, Alyson, Garza, Paulina, Martinez, Veronica, Ellis, Pamela), 51.50. 4, Harlingen South A (Pena, Cierra, Rodriguez, Stephanie, Herring, Taylor, Fennigen, Elise), 51.83. 5, Harlingen A (Gonzales, Vanessa, Bazan, Sarah, Hernandez, Kristela, Johnson, Brianna), 52.30. 6, Pace A (Rodriguez, Evelyn, Mendoza, Astrid, Marchan, Ashlynn, Varela, Valeria), 55.25.

Girls 800 Relay

1, Brownsville Veterans A (Yzaguirre, Rachel, Garza, Cassie, Lopez, Krista, Carrasco, Justine), 1:46.72. 2, Rivera A (Avila, Karla, Ortiz, Yessenia, Chapa, April, Endsley, Desarey), 1:48.27. 3, Los Fresnos A (Rodriguez, Andrea, Garza, Cristi, McDonough, Kelsie, Lozano, Debbie), 1:49.91. 4, Hanna A (Cantu, Alyson, Garza, Paulina, Ellis, Pamela, Chapa, Britzhel), 1:51.02. 5, Harlingen South A (Pena, Cierra, Rodriguez, Stephanie, Herring, Taylor, Fennigen, Elise), 1:51.76. 6, Harlingen A (Bazan, Sarah, Hernandez, Kristela, Gonzales, Vanessa, Johnson, Brianna), 1:54.49.

Girls 1,600 Relay

1, Rivera A (Avila, Karla, Perez, Crystal, Chapa, April, Rodriguez, Keila), 4:05.31. 2, Los Fresnos A (De Leon, Natalia, Lozano, Debbie, McDonough, Kelsie, Estrada, Sandy), 4:13.56. 3, Hanna A (Taylor, Ashley, Garza, Paulina, Moreno, Carolina, Martinez, Veronica), 4:15.89. 4, Harlingen A (Hernandez, Kristela, Gonzalez, Alejandra, Diaz, Elizabeth, Divin, Cassandra), 4:15.96. 5, Brownsville Veterans A (Carrasco, Justine, Yzaguirre, Rachel, Lozano, Viviana, Angeles, Gisela), 4:21.53. 6, Lopez A (Vales, Danny, Cabrera, Jessica, Fernandez, Christy, Medina, Janie), 4:31.51.

Boys 100

1, Evans, Jacquil, Rivera, 11.25. 2, Perales, Cristian, Brownsville Veterans, 11.49. 3, Rafac, Joseph, Los Fresnos, 11.62. 4, Conde, Dion, Harlingen High, 11.67. 5, Armas, Carlos, Los Fresnos, 11.74. 6, Garza, Oscar, Harlingen South, 11.79.

Boys 200

1, Rosales, Chris, Harlingen High, 22.57. 2, Ramriez, Danny, Los Fresnos, 22.86. 3, Perales, Cristian, Brownsville Veterans, 23.34. 3, Armas, Carlos, Los Fresnos, 23.34. 5, Cerda, Juan, Los Fresnos, 23.46. 6, Campos, Jerry, Harlingen South, 23.61.

Boys 400

1, Medina, Marcos, Harlingen High, 49.96. 2, Mendiola, Samuel, Harlingen South, 50.54. 3, Rojas, Jordan, Los Fresnos, 50.69. 4, Partida, Ostyn, Harlingen High, 50.94. 5, Rosales, Mark, Harlingen High, 52.59. 6, Jimenez, Jose Alfredo, Pace, 53.03.

Boys 800

1, Cruz, Miguel, Los Fresnos, 2:01.23. 2, Atkinson, Ernesto, Porter, 2:02.33. 3, Castellanos, Dominic, Hanna, 2:03.72. 4, Henandez, Josue, Hanna, 2:03.73. 5, Garcia, Robert, Brownsville Veterans, 2:04.33. 6, Rodriquez, Orser, Harlingen High, 2:05.30.

Boys 1,600

1, Uribe, Juan, Hanna, 4:34.30. 2, Romero, Isaac, Harlingen High, 4:37.32. 3, Gonzalez, Carlos, Pace, 4:38.89. 4, Medina, Aaron, Harlingen South, 4:39.06. 5, Alvear, Rey, Hanna, 4:44.23. 6, Atkinson, Ernesto, Porter, 4:45.11.

Boys 110 Hurdles

1, Hernandez, Roman, Harlingen High, 15.60. 2, Garcia, Ralph, Harlingen High, 15.88. 3, Hernandez, Mingo, Los Fresnos, 16.63. 4, Garcia, Jorge, Harlingen South, 16.65. 5, Bonales, Omar, Los Fresnos, 16.95. 6, Mar, Sammy, Rivera, 17.33.

Boys 300 Hurdles

1, Hernandez, Roman, Harlingen High, 39.24. 2, Elder, Bryan, Harlingen High, 40.81. 3, Mar, Sammy, Rivera, 41.84. 4, Alejandro, Adrian, Brownsville Veterans, 42.14. 5, Garcia, Jorge, Harlingen South, 42.41. 6, Garcia, Ralph, Harlingen High, 42.88.

Boys 400 Relay

1, Los Fresnos A (Ramriez, Danny, Rafac, Joseph, Mata, Jamie, Rojas, Jordan), 42.94. 2, Harlingen A (Conde, Dion, Cruz, Victor, Vasquez, Brandon, Carrasco, Leo), 43.43. 3, Brownsville Veterans A (Sanchez, Juan, Perales, Cristian, Gonzalez, Robbie, Munoz, Marco), 43.88. 4, Harlingen South A (Garza, Oscar, Rodriguez, Brandon, Garcia, Nick, Mendiola, Samuel), 43.91. 5, Rivera A (Mason, Tyler, Montes, Chris, Vasquez, Andy, Evans, Jacquil), 44.61. 6, Hanna A (Martinez, Richard, Zavala, Kalin, Ambriz, Steven, Galindo, Arturo), 45.14.

Boys 800 Relay

1, Harlingen A (Rosales, Mark, Rosales, Chris, Vasquez, Ramzzie, Carrasco, Leo), 1:30.74. 2, Los Fresnos A (Cerda, Juan, Armas, Carlos, Rafac, Joseph, Mata, Jamie), 1:31.24. 3, Harlingen South A (Garcia, Nick, Garza, Oscar, Martinez, Jesus, Campos, Jerry), 1:31.58. 4, Hanna A (Marks, Jonathan, Estrada, Ruben, Ibarra, Esteban, Gonzalez, Jonathan), 1:32.24. 5, Brownsville Veterans A (Sanchez, Juan, Garcia, Jesus, Alvarado, Andy, Flores, Felipe), 1:32.54. 6, Rivera A (Mason, Tyler, Puente, Emmanuel, Rosas, Jose, Montes, Chris), 1:33.81.

Boys 1,600 Relay

1, Los Fresnos A (Ramriez, Danny, Cruz, Miguel, Alegria, Nick, Rojas, Jordan), 3:23.97. 2, Brownsville Veterans A (Garcia, Jesus, Garcia, Robert, Alvarado, Andy, Alejandro, Adrian), 3:28.86. 3, Harlingen South A (Martinez, Jesus, Garcia, Jorge, Campos, Jerry, Mendiola, Samuel), 3:30.76. 4, Hanna A (Marks, Jonathan, Castellanos, Dominic, Ibarra, Esteban, Gonzalez, Jonathan), 3:31.03. 5, Rivera A (Puente, Emmanuel, Mar, Sammy, Rosas, Jose, Mason, Tyler), 3:31.79. 6, Pace A (Jimenez, Jose Alfredo, Castillo, Daniel, De La Garza, Jacob, Trevino-Galvan, Christopher), 3:37.21.

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