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Tu Salud

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Practice Emotional Hygiene

So often we focus on our physical, not emotional health. As a parent I am made to feel that teaching my children dental hygiene is much more important than helping them build emotional resilience.

  • icon Posted: November 15
Sunday 10/11/2015
What is Your “Best Day Ever?”

Money is defined by the online dictionary as “the medium of exchange representing assets, property, and resources owned by someone or something; wealth”.

Sunday 10/04/2015
'Make Your Move Experience' and find support through your co-workers

Alex Esparza is a busy single-mom. “I have a membership at the gym but haven’t always been consistent. When co-workers invited me to walk with them in the mornings, I thought it sounded fun and I felt bad saying no. So on a muggy Monday morning a few weeks ago, I joined them at Sam’s Stadium at 6:15 am and we’ve been walking almost every morning since.”

Sunday 09/20/2015
The Valley needs the Oklahoma City diet

I recently watched a video of Mick Cornett, the mayor of Oklahoma City, who shares how he put his city on a diet. Oklahoma City, when he took office in 2004, was recovering from decades of economic downturn. Then Oklahoma City made the list of the “Most Obese” cities. You know the list. Many of our Valley communities have been on it. This made Cornett start to look around at his community, and at himself.

Sunday 08/30/2015
Gains and Losses

At a recent training with parents and volunteers from all over the Valley, I asked the question, “Are your kids better off than you were?” I didn’t specify in which way (financially, physically, emotionally, educationally) but insisted that they answer the question however they interpreted it.

Sunday 08/16/2015
Celebrating World Breastfeeding Month

In celebration of World Breastfeeding Month, I recently interviewd Ivette Torres, President of the Rio Grande Valley Breastfeeding Coalition.

Sunday 08/09/2015
What We Give

As part of some volunteer work I do I have been visiting regularly with a young child. While I can’t share any details about the story due to confidentiality, I do find myself comparing this child’s circumstances with those of my daughter of almost the same age.

Sunday 08/02/2015
Breastfeeding and other natural mothering should be valued not undermined

One of the known facts in public health is the key role a mother plays in maintaining the health of her family, and its impact on the economic development of a given community.

Sunday 07/26/2015
Economically diverse neighborhoods come together over the future of the West Rail line

The building of roads and highways has caused much contention throughout history. From Roman roads built in 500 BC to the New Jersey Turnpike in the 1950’s, roads have been controversial for the masses and profitable for a few.

Sunday 07/19/2015
The spirit of walking and exploring

On a family road trip this past week I have had the luxury of catching up on reading as we wind our way through the Southern United States in our car over-packed with camping gear and kids.

Sunday 07/05/2015
Don’t Fear Fat!

When I was in college I studied for a year in Spain. During that year I ate all manner of fat, yet I was the healthiest I’ve ever been. For sure this had something to do with the fact that I walked everywhere, often miles a day, and there weren’t fast food restaurants.

Sunday 06/28/2015
Empathy a healthy practice

Years ago I worked with a health clinic in our neighboring city of Matamoros. The clinic was providing some basic prenatal care to pregnant women living in the city dump (basurero).

Monday 06/22/2015
Thriving through Injury and Illness

It’s hard enough to be consistent about healthy choices like regular exercise and eating well on a normal day, but add an illness or injury into the mix and it can be down-right challenging.

Sunday 06/07/2015
Healthy living one street at a time

Have you noticed that neighbors often copy each other? All over the world you see houses and yards and apartment balconies looking very similar block by block.

Sunday 05/31/2015
Tu Salud: Hard work is good for you

My grandmother had many favorite sayings that I liked, but one of them always made me cringe.

Sunday 05/24/2015
Stay Stronger—Stay Younger

What is it that makes us look older and feel saggy and flabbier as we age? According to Miriam Nelson, director of the John Hancock Research Center on Physical Activity, Nutrition and Obesity Prevention at Tufts University, “Muscle is the absolute centerpiece for being healthy, vital and independent as we grow older.”

Sunday 05/17/2015
Leading by example

Jerry Ruiz is a low-key, laid back guy. But his actions speak louder than his words and he has had a large impact on our community. Ruiz is a teacher at Russell Elementary School in West Brownsville, but is also known in Brownsville as “the guy who bikes everywhere”.

Sunday 05/10/2015
The Best Prescription Ever

There is no doctor, or nurse, or Web MD capable of caring more about our health than our own dear moms. Perhaps not all mothers give the most accurate medical advice, nor do they always deliver the advice in the most effective way.

Sunday 04/26/2015
Health waiver program in jeopardy

I remember in my first college class, now several decades ago, the professor walked into the lecture hall and scrolled across the board the famous quote by Thomas Mann, “Everything is Politics”.

Sunday 04/19/2015
Going big for a healthy nation

We have a maxim in the United States, one frequently repeated: “Go big or go home”. And we certainly do go big in some ways. Big buildings, big population, big corporations, big military, big dreams. But for some reason, we aren’t so big on investing in health.

Monday 04/13/2015
Growing food heals communities

Ron Finely gave a TED Talk a couple of years ago that spread around social media like, well, weeds. Finely is an urban gardener, local food forest advocate and one of those “regular” people who do extraordinary things because they are committed to a cause.

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