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Health waiver program in jeopardy

I remember in my first college class, now several decades ago, the professor walked into the lecture hall and scrolled across the board the famous quote by Thomas Mann, “Everything is Politics”.

  • icon Posted: April 26

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Sunday 04/19/2015
Going big for a healthy nation

We have a maxim in the United States, one frequently repeated: “Go big or go home”. And we certainly do go big in some ways. Big buildings, big population, big corporations, big military, big dreams. But for some reason, we aren’t so big on investing in health.

Monday 04/13/2015
Growing food heals communities

Ron Finely gave a TED Talk a couple of years ago that spread around social media like, well, weeds. Finely is an urban gardener, local food forest advocate and one of those “regular” people who do extraordinary things because they are committed to a cause.

Friday 04/03/2015
Vaccinate for the good of all

This week, Dr. Lucio Sevier, a Brownsville pediatrician, shares her thoughts on vaccinations:

Monday 03/30/2015
The Vast Universe Can Bring Us Closer Together

If you’ve ever seen a night sky in the desert, the stars and heavenly bodies fill the blackness with hardly any space between. It is a show of light and vastness that astounds and touches even the most indifferent souls.

Sunday 03/08/2015
Diabetes support groups help connect and empower

We hear a lot about the importance of personal accountability, individualism and responsibility for our lifestyle choices. We often try to go it alone, and many of us have a tendency to withdraw from others rather than reaching out when we face a particular struggle.

Saturday 03/07/2015
Measuring time

This week was hard. A friend known by many died tragically too young, leaving behind startled and grieving children, family members, co-workers and community.

Sunday 02/22/2015
A Healthy Fast

With Mardi Gras (Fat Tuesday) behind us and Lent upon us, there is a lot of buzz about giving up and doing without. In our predominantly Christian community, Lent is a time when many give up some kinds of foods, or restrain their eating.

Monday 02/16/2015
Men’s Health Matters!

In my house live 3 men, my two teenage sons and my husband who is, well, not a teenager. I didn’t grow up with brothers, and women sort of ruled my home as a kid, so this whole inside look at how men tick has been a learning experience for me, especially watching my two sons grow from babies to boys to young men.

Sunday 02/01/2015
Nutrients the natural way

My friend’s mother is diabetic and having a hard time controlling her blood sugar. She is very faithful about taking her medications. She is almost obsessed with her medications. She organizes them in pill boxes, documents every time she takes and how she feels, and asks a lot of questions when she goes to the clinic pharmacy.

Sunday 01/25/2015
Active, Graceful Aging

My 30th high school reunion is this summer so I’ve been seeing a lot of photos on social media of people I hadn’t seen in, well, 30 years. My family moved out of state after I graduated from high school so I lost touch with most of my high school classmates until the reunion photos. It really is a shock to look at pictures of plump, bald and wrinkled adults that I remember as tall, svelte girls with tanned, glowing skin or boys who were fit jocks with a full head of hair.

Sunday 01/18/2015
The ‘road and mode less traveled’ is the best investment

I went to high school in California in a town at the base of mountains, just a short drive from popular ski resorts and a national forest. Because it was so close by, skiing was more accessible to regular people, not just a rich person’s sport.

Sunday 01/11/2015
Something from nothing

Something from Nothing was always a favorite children’s book of mine, and my kids still remember it fondly. Adapted from a traditional Jewish folktale, author Phoebe Gilman tells the quaint story of a boy and his grandfather, a tailor, who sewed his grandson a special blanket when he was born.

Sunday 01/04/2015
The Challenge provides opportunity for new healthy habits in 2015

As cliché as it sounds, right about now, many of us are taking stock of 2014 and resolving to make changes in 2015. Along with the resolutions to be more organized or to spend more time with family or save money, almost everyone I know has a fitness or diet goal, which more often than not, lasts for a couple of enthusiastic weeks of frenzied gym memberships and new food regimens until life catches up and old habits creep back into our daily routines.

Sunday 12/28/2014
A messy, beautiful celebration

It was a busy, stressful time - school Christmas programs, final exams, work deadlines, gift shopping, relatives coming into town. When my son’s scout leader handed me the list of families to call for the troop’s upcoming Angel Tree party, I admit I was annoyed at another “to do” for my list. I stuffed it into my purse and didn’t pull it out again until the weekend when I had a few minutes to start calling.

Sunday 12/14/2014
Three Cheers for Soup!

Although winter hasn’t arrived in the Valley like it may have in colder climates, there is still a certain crispness in the air (at least compared to summer) which makes me crave a hot bowl of soup.

Sunday 12/07/2014
Grateful… and Wasteful?

I spent Thanksgiving in Mexico City, a beautiful and sprawling metropolis nestled in a valley beneath mountain volcanos and known for its museums, culture, historic monuments and ancient civilization. And while I love this city where I was born, I am always struck by the hills covered with squatter settlements and shantytowns that creep higher and higher up the sides of the mountains over time. The population is ever growing.

Sunday 11/23/2014
Salud y Vida participants unite to become healthier

On a chilly day in a small room at the San Benito CISD Parental Involvement offices, a group of determined men and women gather to learn about how to make healthy lifestyle changes to better manage their diabetes and improve their health. The mood is light, and the comradery apparent, even though few of the individuals in this class have known each other more than a couple of weeks.

Sunday 11/09/2014
On living and dying

Mortality: the state of being subject to death. Synonyms: ephemerality, impermanence, perishability; humanity

Saturday 11/01/2014
Play Along the Way

When my kids were younger they drew with chalk on the sidewalk in front of our house for fun.

Sunday 10/19/2014
The Massive Iceberg

A few years ago independent filmmaker Michael Seringer came into town to make a documentary about the high rates of diabetes in the Rio Grande Valley called “Diabetesville, USA”.

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